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We use Energy Efficient construction methods throughout our projects.
We give attention to detail to both clients and projects.
We've been in business for over 25 years
We take the fear and doubt out of the building process.
We are transparent about costs and methods.
Working throughout New England
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We partner with employees, other talents and artisans to create a project that satisfies both function and a
form that pleases the eye.  Design matters?  We think some luxury is appropriate.  Timely coordination and
supervision is required and necessary to complete a construction project within budget and on time.

Seamless blend doesn't just happen…it requires experience, communication, careful attention to detail and
the ability to accomplish all the tasks.  Yea, we can do that.

It’s like surgery in the dark…do you really want to do that on your own?  You need to turn the light on and
have some talent that knows the way.  Proud, skilled carpenters are required to create projects that create
the fulfillment of a quality home.

Should cost trump quality..... we don’t think so.  Of course cost is in the equation but needs to hold hands
with quality.  Our open and transparent estimates and cost tracking allows everyone to understand and
follow expenses throughout the project.

If  this has a ring to it then let’s talk and get something accomplished.  

George Bogosian/owner
Big Ocean Builders