About You

Building is a team effort and our clients' continuing involvement is desired to help the project  be
successful.  We want you to be informed, educated, and to understand
and trust the process of
the project.

Our company goal is to have our clients and Big Ocean Employees and subcontractors take
pride in the workmanship and to show good value for the work completed.  Each client has
unique needs and requirements and we strive to exceed your expectations.  Each project has
unique challenges and requires customizing in order to fulfill the needs of the client and the
building process.

We will provide you with this information during the construction project.

•        Specifications
•        Agreement
•        Estimating
•        Scheduling
•        Detail billing
•        Cost accounting
•        Job cost tracking

We want you to feel confident working with Big Ocean Builders.  We'll work to build that trust.

A customer is someone who buys a commodity or a service.
A client is someone who's under the care and protection of another.

We see you as our client.